Online Film Screening [Dreamseeds Arts Fest 2020]


Film Screening hosted by Objectifs Singapore
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Date: 29 Nov - 2 Dec 2020

Film: Dandelion in the Wind by Do Thi Ngan Giang (29 Nov )
duration: ~4mins
A man, while looking for his dog, stumbles upon a magical world of dreams. The main character, through the journey, discovers himself and his unwavering determination to be united with his beloved pet. The film pays homage to Renee Magritte, the master of illusions, dreams and the uncanny.

Film: Return to Sender by Gan Chin Lin (30 Nov)
duration: ~20mins
Insulated by the lonely monotony of routine, Ji spend her nights tearing flyers and junk mail. One night, an interesting flyer gives her an unexpected opportunity for reconnection.

Film: Cubed by Xue Enge (1 Dec)
duration: ~4mins
A man with a Rubik's Cube for a head tries to connect with others. When he fails, he tries again. When he fails again, he runs away.

Film:The Way Home by Kai Lun Pang (2 Dec)
duration: ~12mins
Ana crash lands on a dangerous planet and meets a curious creature while waiting for rescue. When it ruins her one-way ticket back, Ana must learn to trust her newfound friend to find the way home.

The streaming URLs (accessible on the stated dates of each film) will be shared in the additional notes within the issued ticket.

Hosted by Objectifs Singapore's online film library.
This session is presented as part of Dreamseeds Arts Fest 2020 by Club Rainbow (Singapore).

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Nov 29 - Dec 2, 2020
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12:00 AM - 11:55 PM SGT
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